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Tammy McCloud Eyelash Extensions Stylist

Tammy Graves


Tahje' Robinson

The Story of iLash Perfection...


     Tammy Graves is an artistic certified Master eyelash extension stylist, body contouring technician and the proud owner of iLash Perfection, LLC. Tammy has a passion for creating a beautiful design with natural looking semi-permanent eyelash extensions along with helping people to look and feel their best. 

Tammy has been a resident of Georgia since 1991 after relocating from her home state of New Jersey. Tammy had worked in the insurance and law field for the past 20 years to provide for her family. However, she has had a passion for the beauty industry since she was a young teenager. After four years administratively assisting Megan Smith with her eyelash extension business, Tammy decided to try the craft herself.


     Tammy was trained by Megan at JMeganMarie International in November 2013 and became a certified stylist in July 2014. After training, she practiced at “JMeganMarie International D/B/A A Lash Lifestyle” before starting her own mobile service, “iLash Perfection, LLC” in October 2014. Tammy attended the Esthetician program at Georgia Beauty School and became a Georgia licensed Esthetician in 2018. Thereafter, she completed Russian Volume training to receive another certification through Borboleta Beauty. Tammy uses the best products so your lashes look natural, stay healthy and last for an extended period of time. She takes pride in the relationships that are created from such a personal experience.

In January 2019, Tammy opened Perfection Beauty Suites to give other beauty professionals a home for their businesses. At that time, she also purchased body contouring equipment and was trained to be a body contouring technician which also goes along with services under her Esthetician license. After training and practicing, iLash Perfection began to offer several services to help people lose inches and contour their body.

     Tammy, a Master Lash Stylist and Body Contouring Techncian, is skilled, professional and excited about her crafts. She has mastered her trade and takes pride in providing every client with a personalized experience and every student that she teaches with superior training. “iLash Perfection, LLC” is licensed, insured, and ready to service you by helping you to look and feel good when you look in the mirror. 

      Tahje' Robinson, Tammy's daughter and now business owner of Lashed Out by Tahje', is the wonderful mother of 2 daughters.  Tahje' studied Cosmetology in high school and has always been interested in the beauty industry.  She also attended college to study marketing while she was trained by Tammy in April 2017 to do lashes. Tahje' started her own lash business "Lashed Out by Tahje'" in August 2021 after perfecting the art of lashing so that she can work for herself at iLash Perfection.



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